ELT 694 / Corpora for English Language Teaching (AUS)


Course Description

This course investigates areas in corpus linguistics relevant to ELT teachers. Students learn how to conduct corpus-based studies to identify patterns of authentic language use. The course explores ways of reconciling current textbook practices with actual language use as it behaves differently according to register and text types.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to help students:

  • Extend their knowledge of linguistic fields relevant to the use of corpora
  • Use insights from corpus linguistics in teaching language skills
  • Develop computer-based skills
  • Establish a solid basis for further graduate studies in the field of corpus linguistics
  • To distinguish between quantitative and qualitative analyses of language.

Course Outcomes

This course requires the student to demonstrate the following:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of corpus linguistics
  2. Understand the relationship between corpus analysis and linguistic theory
  3. Identify modality and modal elements within any given corpus
  4. Plan the construction of a corpus
  5. Use insights from corpus linguistics to collect and computerize data
  6. Learn how to annotate a corpus
  7. Learn how to analyze a corpus
  8. Learn how to make statistical claims
  9. Learn how to use available corpora
  10. Understand corpus representativeness and balance
  11. Learn how to deal with corpora and language varieties
  12. Understand corpora and language variation
  13. Learn about corpora and collocation
  14. Learn about corpora and pedagogical lexicography
  15. Identify language variation and types of Englishes
  16. Understand the relationship between corpora and grammar
  17. Distinguish between marked and unmarked use of language
  18. Understand the gap between textbooks descriptions of language and actual use of language
  19. Identify pragmatic functions of English modals
  20. Appreciate the use of corpus linguistics in improving syllabus design, classroom activities, and materials development.