FREN 6300: French Reading for Graduates (Cornell University)

This course is designed for those with little or no background in French. Aims primarily to develop skill in reading French. Covers grammar basics, extensive vocabulary, and strategies for reading in a foreign language. Some flexibility in selecting texts according to fields of interest.

ELT 694 : Arts in English Language Teaching (AUS)

This course investigates areas in Arts relevant to ESL teachers. Students examine key concepts and definitions in arts education with a special focus on Teaching English Through the Arts. The course involves students in exploring various arts forms in ELT.


ELT 521: Reading and Writing in ESL

The course discusses various theoretical models dealing with teaching literacy skills in a second language to children and adults. Explores ways to adapt and apply these models for effective ESL instruction.

ELT 511 : Linguistics for ESL Teachers (AUS)

This course investigates areas in linguistics relevant to ESL teachers.  Students examine key linguistic concepts and definitions in phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics and their applications to teaching and learning English. The course explores ways of using research and generalizations derived from linguistics to inform teaching practice.


ELT 694 / Corpora for English Language Teaching (AUS)

This course investigates areas in corpus linguistics relevant to ELT teachers.  Students learn how to conduct corpus-based studies to identify patterns of authentic language use. The course explores ways of reconciling current textbook practices with actual language use as it behaves differently according to register and text types.