ENG 223 : Introduction to Language Study

Defines language and how it works. Leads students to examine their own beliefs and attitudes about language and provides them with techniques for language analysis. Topics covered include: grammar and appropriate usage, oral vs. written language, formal vs. informal language, standard vs. non-standard languages, language universals, and language typology


ENG 208: Public Speaking

ENG 208 introduces students to the art of public speaking, debate, and argument. It focuses on teaching critical thinking, organization, oral communication, and listening skills. The course aims at developing students’ confidence as public speakers by teaching them the elements of effective oral presentations.


ENG 204 : Advanced Academic Writing

ENG 204 builds upon the skills acquired in WRI 102 to further develop students’ critical thinking and academicwriting competencies. Students will read and respond to a variety of texts from different disciplines and produce a research paper using analytical and critical skills in response to non-literary texts.