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Course Description:

ENG 208 introduces students to the art of public speaking, debate, and argument. It focuses on teaching critical thinking, organization, oral communication, and listening skills. The course aims at developing students’ confidence as public speakers by teaching them the elements of effective oral presentations.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing this course students will be able to:

Outcome Assessment method
1. control stage fright mini presentations, mid-term and final speeches
2. relate their speeches to their audience mini presentations, mid-term and final speech projects
3. prepare logical and coherent speech outlines outline assignments, mid-term and final speech projects
4. prepare and deliver extemporaneous informative persuasive speeches mid-term and final speech projects, and debate
5. use language effectively written and oral assignments, mid-term and final speeches
6. demonstrate knowledge of the basic components of
public speaking
assignments, quizzes, final exam
7. prepare and participate in a formal debate debate.