Peer Reviews

            Journals                                       Publishers                          Paper/book        Date


  • Studia Linguistica                      Blackwell Publishers                         paper    Sep. 2015
  • SAGE Open                                 ScholarOne, Inc.                                Paper    Aug. 2015
  • Routledge Publishing House       Book      Apr. 2014
  • Journal Of Linguistics              Cambridge University Press              Paper    Oct. 2013 
  •  LINGUA                                        ELSEVIER                                            Paper    Nov. 2013  


Titles of Peer-Reviewed Papers & Book Proposals

·         Teachers’ Attitudes and Techniques in EFL Writing in     Secondary Schools in Egypt”

·         A Person Approach to Passive in Standard Arabic”

·         "Arabic: History and Development"

·         “The Believe-Construction in Standard Arabic”   

·         The Syntax of Complex Tense Constructions in Standard and Jordanian Arabic”


PhD & MA Theses

             Institution                          Responsibility                   Degree  Topic                     Date


  • University of Lumière        External examiner               PhD        Acquisition           Dec. 2014
  • Lyon 2, France
  • American University of
  • Sharjah                                   Project Advisor                    MA          Technology          Jan. 2015
  • American University of
  • Sharjah                                   Committee Member            MA          Technology          May 2008
  • American University of
  • Sharjah                                   Committee Member            MA          Bilingualism        May 2008
  • American University of
  • Sharjah                                   Committee Member            MA          Culture in ELT     May 2005


Titles of PhD & MA Theses


  •  “Structure de l’information: Etude Dévéloppementale de la Narration en Arabe Tunisien.
  •  “The Use of iSO Devices in the United Arab Emirates: A Sample EFL Unit”
  •  “L2 Teachers’ Perception Towards the Use of Computers in L2 Language Instruction” 
  •  “Important Factors to Consider for Bilingual Education in the UAE”
  •  “Learning and Teaching English as an International Language in the Arabian Gulf: The Role of Culture”.


Developed and/or revised the following courses

  • ELT 694: Arts in English language Teaching
  • ELT 694: Corpora for ELT Teachers
  • ELT 511: Linguistics for ESL Teachers
  • TRA 504: Discourse, Semantics & Pragmatics in Translation
  • ENG 501: Advanced English Grammar
  • TRA 303: Interpreting and the Profession
  • ENG 334: Semantics and Pragmatics
  •  ENG 406: Survey of Topics in Linguistics and Communication
  •  ENG 331: Phonetics, Phonology & Morphology


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