The Use Of Film In Education

The Use Of Film In Education

This is an important book that provides a wealth of empirical evidence from a variety of different perspectives in order to show how digital media, video, and filmmaking research support pedagogical approaches that place the learner at the forefront of their learning and involve them in the production of meaning. The book contains 13 chapters in two interrelated sections.The first part is more theory-oriented and focuses on the salience of visual literacy and moving image culture, especially films for educational purposes.The argument is made that students need to build their critical media literacy, while teachers who adhere to these principles, need encouragement, support and recognition.The second part is more practice-oriented and provides illustrations of the use of film and film-making and includes reflections by authors on their own experiments with the camera and the filmmaking process. In these chapters, authors reflect on promoting various aspects of learning ranging from foreign languages to learning about the self and identity formation, thereby improving personal and interpersonal communication skills. This book makes a clear case for the inclusion of media literacy in educational institutions, not simply as a subject matter, but also as a means of conveying knowledge and producing much more sensible and creative citizens.”

Professor Linda R. Waugh, Ph.D., University of Arizona